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Fast Reporting

First line-reporting on MRI, CT and X-ray exams , covering the fields of Brain-Spine, ENT, Oncology, Musculoskeletal and Trauma Imaging, with expected delivery time within 48 hours

Second opinion

Second opinion and overview report of already diagnosed cases on clinician’s or patient’s demand 

Flexible Workflow

Flexible workflow either working and reporting through your own RIS/PACS on agreement or through installation of our highly secured VPN cloud PACS directly to your scanner (3DNet medical provided by Biotronics3D) 

Specialized Reporting

Specialized reporting in the field of Neuroradiology, Head&Neck Imaging, on Pediatric Neuroimaging including reporting on Advanced Neuroimaging

Doctor and Patient
Direct Communication

Communication with your referring physicians whenever necessary 

MRI and CT Consultation

Consultation about dedicated MRI and CT protocols and how to deal with advanced MR-imaging (i.e., Brain spectroscopy, perfusion, DTI, fMRI) 


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